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We have been getting so many calls and messages from customers that say ‘our bouncy castle hasn’t turned up, can you help? Even though we try our best, we cannot help everyone that phones last minute.
If we cannot be of assistance, the following is a helpful guide to try and help you avoid the Bouncy Castle Cowboys.
We know full well how important it is for your bouncy castle to turn up. Usually it's the centre piece of any party.
What if you went and booked a hall and invited 30 children to the party and the bouncy castle doesn't turn up. Have you got a Plan B?

We GUARANTEE to show up for you party booking, if all our terms and conditions are met the only thing to stop your booking will be the weather if it is an outdoor event. 
Below are some questions you can ask the Bouncy castle hire company, and don’t be afraid to ask as it is you and your children’s party experience and for health and safety all company’s should have these things in place just incase the anything should happen. 
Unfortunately any deposit or possibly payments made to these companys may not be returnable to you and most company’s will have this in there terms and conditions. We DO NOT do this as that is unfair any monies paid to The Party Business will be returned under cancellation or other reasons and we DO NOT require any depots to book with us.


Does the company you choose have valid test certificates for their units ?

Does the companies website only carry stock photos ? This may suggest the company is outsourcing the work, do not be afraid to ask them.

Do you have to pay a deposit? 
Is it returnable? With the Party Business we do not ask for a deposit or advanced payment.

Find out whether the hirer provides ground stakes, safety mats, built in rain covers etc and also ask how old their equipment is.

Does the company have a website? We would argue that all of the top / best companies have websites these days.

Is the company able to tell you immediately if the item is available for a date? It may suggest they are outsourcing if they have to check and get back to you. For example, with The Party Business you can check on our website if your chosen inflatable is available with our online live diary.

Does your chosen company have the correct CRB documentation ? Don’t be afraid to ask to see it.
Are their prices too good to be true ? In our experience they normally are !
Type in the company name in to Google. Do any bad reviews pop up?
Check to see if the hirer is a member of the BIHA or PIPA either by asking them or visiting their website. These schemes have a code of ethics and are paid memberships so it's a good indication they're a serious operator.

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